Main Room: Size 17m x 7.8m overall, including a sectional stage, which can be removed. 14m x 7.8m floor size with the stage in place. The main hall is spacious, idea for parties, wedding receptions, meetings, etc. There are double doors leading out onto a fenced patio area. There is a sectional stage which can be removed for large parties. 
As meeting room:        100 seated 120 standing
   - For dining:                     60
   - As theatre:                     100
   - For dancing:                  100
   - For a reception:            100

Eddie Clarke Suite:  Size 12m x 3.6m. Bar counter at one end with hatch to kitchen with roller shutter. Ideal for use as a bar or buffet when there is a event on in the main room.
As meeting room:         40 seated 60 standing

Heating: Gas fired heating system with radiators in all rooms, thermostatically controlled with online controlled timer programmer system.
Kitchen: Fully fitted kitchen with commercial oven, dishwasher, fridge, double sink/drainer and basin for hand washing. Hatch/counter into main room with roller shutter. Crockery and cutlery provided.
Toilets: Ladies, Gents and Disabled toilets off the entrance lobby. Additional Ladies and Gents toilets off the lobby at one end of the Eddie Clarke Suite.

Patio Area: Slabbed and fenced off patio area accessed via double doors from main room.
Car Parking: 30 onsite car parking spaces.
Disabled Access: Ramp to double doors to the Eddie Clarke Suite.
Tables: 32 Rectangular tables, 17 large, 15 small.
Seating: 130 upholstered chairs.
Internet: WiFi available on request.
Projector: Ceiling mounted projector with remote control, one HDMI connection point by the stage and one HDMI connection point at the rear of the room.
Sound: Stereo amplifier sound system available with 8 channel mixing desk and four wall mounted speakers. One wired microphone with stand and two radio microphones available with input connections for other audio devices, e.g. CD player, MP3 player, PC computer, laptop or smart phone.
Lighting: Light bars installed for theatre style lighting for shows, productions, with two spot lights installed and separate controller.